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papa soul x child! reader x mama kid
(souls p.o.v)
'ugh, this is so uncool!' I thought. 'why does Maka have to have her yaoi club tonight!... what the hell is yaoi anyway?!' I was walking 'til I heard the old song from when i was a kid. But the closer i got the more sinister it got. i then reconized it as 'pop goes the weasal' (i was listening to l.j song ;P)! That's when i came up to a woman with a white and black striped blanket, she was playing the song from a music box. 'I'm suprised the kid wasnt scared of the damn song!' "hey lady what are you doing out here? there could be a kishin around!" i yelled. "It's fine, i have my husband to keep us safe" she said barely even audible. "then where the hell is he?" I asked. That's when she started to laugh like a maniac and stood up and shoved the baby into my arms "he's in my head, waiting for me to go to sleep so he can dispose of me." she said as if she was frightened."please take care of my little girl
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Ticci toby x nekochild reader~daddy's little kitty
'So slendy really want's me to kill this couple?', i thought.'From what i can tell their drunks and drugies. these people already make me sick.' i was creeping to the living room when i heard a whimper. i peered through the door way, and there i saw a little girl being beat! she looked no more than 4, she had (h/l) (h/c)hair. But what caught my eyes was a tail and ears.
After a while I couldn't take it anymore, I then swung my ax at their heads successfully chopping both off. The girl looked up and when she saw it, a smile crept to her face and a few giggles and chuckles.
(your p.o.v)
'Their gone... their gone!!!', i thought. I started to giggle, no i laughed.When i looked up a man no more than his 20's brown hair,i couldn't see his eyes or mouth cause he had orange goggles and a thing that covered his mouth. i then saw two axes. that's when my tail frizzed and my ear stood back. i hissed at him, he looked startled. "don't worry i won't h-h
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Hi everyone, okay so this is a message not a fanfic. I just finished a video on youtube called 'if gay was straight, and straight was gay' if you haven't seen it watch it first then finish reading.

Okay so I just want to put it out there, in my personal opinion, that people who are gay and/or lesbian should have the same equalities as us. because the presidents- past and present- want whats best for the country and it's citizens, well you are making so many of your citizens unhappy by practically forcing people who are different to love someone they don't want to be with. people of different sexuality should be free to love whomever they want, and not be judged.

AND if there's a homosexual person reading this, don't be ashamed on how you are, be proud and embrace of who and what you are! If any of you need help or just someone to talk to just comment on here or on my profile, cause you all deserve happiness and peace!

And to all the haters, FUCK OFF!!! Who cares if people are different from you, or just curious on that subject. they are just like me and you- different, inperfect, and above all have our flaws- we have our different interests, and dislikes. So go ahead and put hate comments, i don't give a damn! I speak my mind and you can't do shit to stop me!

and to the people i'm defending and people who support and want to help, let the haters hate, there is nothing stronger than having people there to help and support you all the way. Even if it's some one you know or don't know, there are people willing to help you get through.


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